Shelley Klammer

I compassionately support you to heal your “unfinished emotional business” from the past through expressive art and writing in a strength-focused and depth-oriented way.

Visionary Art Cards

"Who am I?" In times of emotional overwhelm, this is the most profound question you could ask yourself. This 5-day visionary art challenge will support you to make positive changes through art, writing and neuroscience.

Expressive Arts Foundations

All foundational expressive art and writing courses deepen emotional awareness and begin the process of emotional healing through the expressive arts - bundled for a 30% savings.

Course Bundle

Expressive Art as Self-Therapy

Your deepest emotional wound becomes your greatest superpower - once healed. This prolific course bundle includes numerous written PDF lessons, plenty of visual examples, comprehensive psychological explanations of the emotional healing process, 8 art video demos and a PDF guidebook. Bundled for a 30% savings.

Course Bundle

Foundations and Advanced Bundle

Immerse yourself in a year-long multimodal expressive arts exploration of honest self-expression for emotional healing. Purchase Expressive Arts Foundations and Expressive Arts for Self-Therapy together for a 30% savings. This package includes over 400 days of diverse expressive arts directives.

Course Bundle

Expressive Collage

Immerse yourself in expressive collage. No art experience is necessary!

Course Bundle

Unblock Your Creativity

Inspired by the three daily written Morning Pages ritual in the "Artist's Way," Morning Pages are a tried and true way to break through creative blocks which are really emotional blocks. Enjoy 90-days of encouraging lessons to keep you writing, facing your difficult emotions, and unblocking your creativity.

Course Bundle

Expressive Arts Video Bundle

Express yourself every day to amplify emotional healing. Enjoy the video courses Bloom Into Collage and Intuitive Mandala Meditations for a 20 dollar savings!

Course Bundle

Art Facilitation Guidebooks

Over 100 practical, real-world tested Expressive Art Facilitation Ideas for people of all ages. Includes the guidebooks, "How to Start an Art Program for Older Adults," and "45 Expressive Arts Facilitation Ideas." Purchase the bundle for a $15 savings.

Course Bundle

Dive Deep Art Journaling

DECIDE upon the aspect of yourself that most need to feel loved or safe right now. DEDICATE yourself to a journal process to deepen into a creative practice. DEVOTE yourself to a 30 day practice.

50 Expressive Journal Ideas

Even brief actions of spontaneous self-expression each day will create a new and inspiring life over time. A guidebook for the Dive Deep Journal webinar.

Healing Trauma With Intuitive Art

30 days of intuitive creativity prompts to support gentle, well-paced trauma healing. Learn how to interrupt painful trauma loops through intuitive drawing, movement, poetry, painting and collage.

Healing Through Difficult Relationships

This intuitive writing course will support you to heal personal pain triggers stemming from your most challenging relationships. Difficult relationships can create intense emotional pain, and over time generate entrenched nervous system dysregulation. Learn how to find self-empowerment and personal purpose through the mirror of your most challenging relationships.

Healing Grief With Art and Writing

Understanding the emotional needs you are experiencing within your grief process will help you to heal the complexity of grief. This course offers 70 expressive art and writing prompts and 50 intuitive self-care essentials to help you heal unfinished grief.

Narrative Therapy

Beneath your "problem stories" are hidden skills, resources, positive values, dreams, and desires. In narrative therapy, you will learn how to listen for indications of strength within life stories that are saturated with problems.

Expressive Poetry Writing

In every moment our emotions want to move in a particular way. Unblocking this movement through imagery and spontaneous words is a simple daily practice that is easy to maintain in the midst of a busy life and provides a respite of creative freedom.

Intuitive Collage for Emotional Insight

The hidden language of your deepest emotions is more easily revealed through imagery before they shape into words. Before you can consistently access your intuition you will need to travel back through the trail of unfelt emotions that you have accumulated throughout your lifetime. Gain more insight into your inner depths with a daily ten-minute intuitive collage.

Healing Difficult Emotions with Expressive Art

Simple expressive art exercises such as painting, drawing, and collage support you to begin exploring and honestly examining emotional struggles such as worry, fear, frustration, fear, conflict, negativity, heartbreak and addiction. A great introduction to the expressive arts.

Symbolic Journeys

Your soul speaks in the language of imagery. This 45-day multimodal expressive arts course will support you to understand the deeper signs and symbols that spontaneously arise in your art and writing.

(45 lessons)

Photo Therapy

Breathe, pause, observe and emotionally respond to your environment through a photo a day.

Creative Abundance

Profoundly heal self-doubt by envisioning your "future self." Creative visioning is a great way to heal emotional pain and create more abundance, health and happiness. This course includes 40 journal prompts to support you to birth your highest creative visions in the world, and 40 new bonus expressive art challenges!

Bloom Into Collage

Express your True Self through spontaneous collage! Start with a surprise collage challenge. Next, create an affirmative pattern collage and an intuitive poem. And, finally, learn how to create an intuitive collage for emotional release.

Intuitive Mandala Meditations

In this Five Part Video Mandala Course you will learn how to: EXPRESS spontaneously. EXPLORE art materials. PLAY with shapes. CALM your mind, and ASPIRE to happiness.

Inner Child Therapy Worksheets

30 in-depth art and writing worksheets to support you to slowly release your emotional pain in safe, powerful and wisely structured ways so that you can access the peace and joy of complete self-love.

100 Days of Art Journal Therapy

I wrote this comprehensive expressive arts e-course to support you to heal emotionally through the daily "symbol release" of spontaneous imagery. Learn how to live your life with inspiration instead of emotional pain with diverse depth-oriented art directives and in-depth writing prompts.

Expressive Arts Facilitation Ideas

This e-guide is for expressive arts facilitators who are just beginning to offer classes and groups in their community, and who want to feel more comfortable with class pacing, program structuring, and safe communication within groups.

How to Facilitate Art for Older Adults

PDF Guidebook for artists who want to take art facilitation ideas into the real world and specialize in working with older adults.

65 Painting Patterns

65 - 11x17 inch (A3) downloadable, traceable painting patterns for your art program. Suitable for beginning artists and artists with dementia.

Collage for Self-Discovery

Meet the inner "parts" of yourself through collage! This collage "catharsis" course is accessible to everyone, and it challenges you to create a spontaneous collage every day for 90 days in order to see, release and heal self-rejection and discover new possibilities for your life.

Morning Pages: Inspiration

Write. Release. Heal. This Morning Pages course will help you crack into the mystery of what is bothering you emotionally.

Morning Pages: Authenticity

This course provides inspiration for writing your Morning Pages practice for 30 days in a row. This course will inspire you to deeply process painful emotional states with self-love.

Morning Pages: Passion

This Morning Pages journaling course will support you to gracefully handle the life and relationship recalibration that authentic growth requires.

Discover Digital Collage!

30 days of fun & surprising illustrated collage prompts invite you to tap into your intuition through digital collage.

Expressive Arts Play!

30 days of fun expressive arts directives that provide structured idea starters for intuitive drawing, spontaneous collage and process painting.

Affirmative Collage Play!

Cultivating creative joy is a great way to accelerate emotional healing. Practice 30 days of affirmative collage, write visionary poetry, and enjoy daily encouraging email prompts to amplify self-love and creative joy.

Intuitive Painting Play!

Invite your paint to flow along with your emotions! Enjoy 30 days of intuitive painting practice along with daily inspiration on the benefits of spontaneous creativity. If you have ever wondered how intuitive creativity can support you to release emotional repression, this is the creative practice course for you!

Depth Therapy Training

A depth psychotherapy training for therapists. This training will support you will learn how to specifically love and deepen engagement with your clients by practicing the 13 love-based therapy skills. You will also learn the 6 stages of love-based psychotherapy, as well as a breathing practice that supports you to better attune to your clients.

More About Shelley Klammer

Shelley is an online depth-oriented psychotherapist for creative people and an educator with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association. 

Shelley supports people to authentically self-express through spontaneous art and writing practices as a way to anchor self-safety, self-confidence and self-love.