Healing Self-Doubt

This guidebook is for creators of all kinds - artists, creative coaches, therapists and facilitators who want to see their creative visions "made real" in the world. This e-book will teach you the universal principles of deliberate creation and provides daily journal questions to support you to transform your self-doubt into creative confidence.

Heal by Envisioning Your Best Self

As a depth-oriented, emotion-focused therapist, I often like to invite people to heal stuck emotional patterns by envisioning a more inspiring future. Sometimes the best way to emotionally heal is to "live into" the highest possibilities for our lives. Even when our current circumstances are less than optimal, our future-self can "reach back" to help us heal. Our future-self always offers hints about how to live our best life.

We all have a nervous system driven "survival mind" that warns us about what might go wrong based on what hurt us in the past, And, we also have a "spiritual mind" that informs us of the highest potentials for our life. In "Creative Abundance" I invite you to spend more time in your "higher mind" instead of your "survival mind."

Finding Confidence

I wrote this book from my higher creative mind during a time when I was deeply struggling to believe in my own visions for my life. As a creative person, I had always imagined great things for myself, yet I was severely flagging in my confidence and was struggling with intense self-doubt. My creative imaginings had not yet shown up in my outer life and I was losing heart.

This guidebook addresses the emotional side of deliberate creation. Each day, for 40 days, I welcome you to reflect upon the daily principle and contemplate your questions for the day in your journal. 

Emotional Inspiration   

This guidebook on deliberate creation will inspire you to focus on and attain what you want to create instead of creating your life from unconscious emotional pain from the past. 

Creative Abundance
Prosperity for Artists

We are designed to express ourselves in ways that are harmonious, constructive, and life-giving. As long as you are aligned with the loving principles of the universe, you will be supported to manifest your creative dreams. We can strengthen our beliefs by contemplating the statement, "I can be whatever I will myself to be."

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Creative Abundance
Prosperity for Artists