"The person is never the problem, the problem is the problem."

~ Eric Sween

Stories, continuously told, define your identity. Because some of your stories are "problem saturated" stories, the repeated reinforcement, they become your "identity stories." When you are stuck in emotional pain, you can forget that you are a creative being with many different stories to tell.

Beneath your "problem stories" are hidden skills, resources, positive values, dreams, and desires. In narrative therapy, you listen for indications of strength within life stories that are saturated with problems. In this course, you will learn how to describe new ways of seeing your life to improve your emotional well-being.

Re-Author Your Life Story

Stories order the information about your life. You attach meaning to every experience you have, and over time your meanings get organized into themes. You will create your stories based on how you were mirrored by other people in your family, culture, and social groups. As you unearth your stories, you can learn to re-tell them. With practice, you can learn to ‘re-author’ the story of your life.

  • "The course fed my curiosity - I loved the questions, some of which prompted surprising answers in the writing process. I really enjoyed the way the questions were framed - a type of push/pull effect that contributed to viewing aspects from differing points. "Looking in the round."

    — M.G.
  • "I liked the daily emails as they were a reminder to check-in and do some inner work every day. Thank you!"

    — R.D.
  • "This has been a remarkable experience and I have learned and unlearned a great deal."

    — T.P - Florida
  • "I suffer from general low-key depression, lacking hope in life and people. It was a challenging course, with very interesting prompts, especially those looking into hope."

    — F.G. Africa

This course includes a PDF download of all 30 prompts delivered at the end of the course, as well as a Narrative Therapy Guidebook with additional journal exercises to deepen your re-storying journey.

Course Delivery

Lessons are delivered once a day after you purchase your course. You will get email reminders to view your lessons when you forget to check the classroom. It is helpful to bookmark this link so you can review your course content whenever you want:

You will get a PDF of all course content at the end of your course so no need to copy your lessons as you go along. 

  • When I signed up for this course I was feeling quite despondent and lost. I found the course both enjoyable and confronting. It was a very moving thing to do on a daily basis.

    What I learned was that we can really change the way we perceive things and writing is a very powerful and gentle tool. I liked that the prompts were short and direct. This made it very achievable for me.

    "Thanks for a very powerful way of redirecting my thoughts and helping me to realize I can change my thoughts with writing."

    — A. M. - Canberra Australia
  • "When I started this course I wanted a daily writing practice and I also wanted to do some inner work. I really liked receiving a writing prompt each afternoon. Each prompt, except for the last five, was easily "doable" in the time I had to write each day.

    I learned a lot about myself by exploring these questions. The answers I came up with will serve as a valuable list of goals for me to strive for in these last years of my life. I find your courses more revealing and enlightening than most of my work with my therapist."

    — F.T.

Write Your Story!
30 Day Course

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Write Your Truth!
30 Day Course